Minister's Letter

We are currently between ministers.  This is a message from our retired minister Rev Jan Mahannah.

 Dear Friends,

Welcome to our spiritual community of Unity!

Expand your mind, energize your body, and renew your spirit with us and Unity’s inspirational teachings!  Our Christ-based teachings with practical applications can abundantly transform you life.  Even Science is now proving true so many of our spiritual insights.

The philosophy of Jesus is a workable philosophy, and leads to a more positive and fulfilling way of life.  Jesus taught of the depth potential of humankind and of his spiritual unity with God.  He also taught that the “kingdom of God is within” each one of us and is accessible to everyone who seeks. When we discover the consciousness of our own spiritual unity with the Infinite. with our fellowman and all sentient beings, and when we become established in the conviction of the divinity of humankind, we become  intuitively guided, practical demonstrators and effective instruments for positive change and personal fulfillment. It is in living within this inspirational framework applied to our interests, abilities, gifts, talents, skills and responsibilities, that our lives are transformed.

Life is for living and for living fully, guided by the living Presence of God, the activity of the Holy Spirit, and the positive, practical inspirational teachings of Jesus.  Join us in our weekly inspired journey of spiritual discovery and demonstration, and experience the power of prayer in our spiritual community.

We welcome you to our weekly  Sunday Service at 10:30am.  Our children’s program is at the same time on alternate Sundays in the Sunday School area, after a whole-congregational opening in the church sanctuary.  Blessings.

In the Christ light, Rev. Jan