About Us

Unity Christ Center of Farmington . . .

We believe true spirituality is seeking out your own experience of God.

We are currently between ministers following the retirement of Rev Jan Mahannah from church-centered ministry.  Our Licensed Unity Teacher Diana Rinehart is speaking about once a month, and we are hosting a variety of ministers and other speakers each week.  Please check our Calendar page for the name of this week’s speaker.

OUR BOOKSTORE has many choices for reading and giving. We have books by Charles Fillmore, James Dillet Freeman, Eric Butterworth, and many “non-Unity” authors. The bookstore is open on Sunday mornings before and after the service.

OUR LENDING LIBRARY is available to everyone on Sunday mornings.

WE ARE PROUD to  support Habitat for Humanity of St. Francois County, the local Food Pantries and Women’s Shelter as our ongoing commitments to the wellbeing of our local community.

BLESS ALL of those who participate in prayer. Unity was founded upon the power of prayer and practical Christianity (Christianity in action). We at Unity continue to see the hands of God at work in our lives and in the lives of others because of prayer.

WE THANK those who continue to make our church a place of beauty.  Thank you, Ruth, for your excellent ability on the piano. Thanks to the Board of Trustees who serve with dedication. Thanks to all of you who attend our services and contribute to the joy we share.

DON’T SEE THE NEWS ITEM YOU’RE LOOKING FOR HERE??? We certainly don’t want to overlook anyone’s news. Therefore, please let us know (contact a church member or click on “Contact Us”) of any news you’d like to see reported so that we can share it on our website.