Cancellation of in-person Sunday Services beginning March 22 due to the Corvid 19 threat. Weekly Virtual Services will now be posted on our YouTube category weekly.

Dear friends, We are cancelling our Sunday services for the remainder of March, April and May due to the threat of Corvid 19 and public health recommendations. Our prayers are going out now for your personal wellbeing as well as for all your loved ones and for the containment of this public health threat. For personal prayer during this time, you may call or text Rev. Jan Mahannah at 573 747-0838 where prayer requests are always confidential. The church Board of Directors and I encourage you, the congregation, to stay in touch electronically with one another since we cannot physically gather together. Our virtual Sunday Services and meditations will begin March 22 and will be posted weekly under YouTube category on this website, until we can safely reopen the church..

May God bless you now. Rev. Jan

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