You Are Beautiful

*God, the Creator is ever with us.  Like the brilliant stars in the sky that shine above us, our individual life-lights shine uniquely in the darkness around us.  Though our hopes, wishes and dreams may be similar, our stories are all unique.  Though we are each loved by the same Divine Force – the Creator […Continue reading…]

A New Heven and a New Earth – Epoch III, “Sacred Eyes”

This is the fourth Sunday of a 4-part series based on spiritual understanding from the book, Sacred Eyes by L. Robert Keck.  Keck suggests that our global crises and the breakdowns in our lives and on our planet are indications of an evolutionary break-through towards a collective spiritual maturation. The global crises that we are […Continue reading…]

Epoch II – Sacred Eyes of Science & Unity

Today we continue looking at the crisis our world faces from the perspective of Sacred Eyes.  Sacred Eyes describes a perspective and vision that sees our crisis as an evolutionary step toward a more spiritual maturity of collective humanity.  My focus is on how that evolution of consciousness relates to our individual spiritual paths and […Continue reading…]

LOVE – The Feminine Aspect of God

 Happy Mother’s Day!  Julian of Norwich wrote:  “As truly as God is our Father, so truly is God our Mother…to the property of Motherhood belong nature, love, wisdom and knowledge and this is God.”  The Buddha:  “Like a mother who protects her child, her only child, with her own life, one should cultivate a heart […Continue reading…]

Sacred Eyes of Humankind’s Adolescence – Sacred Eyes of Religion

Intro:  I’m using inspirational ideas from the book “Sacred Eyes” by L. Robert Keck and from “Birthing a Greater Reality – A Guide for Conscious Evolution” by Robert Brumet. Keck describes our entire human journey as a movement through a series of epochs.  We began last week with “Epoch I: The Birth and Childhood of […Continue reading…]

Sacred Eyes of Humankind’s Childhood


Intro:  We’re living in an extraordinary time, a crucial juncture in history.  We’re at a major turning point for humanity.  Everything starts with how we view the world.  I believe we’ve all been led here by the activity of the Holy Spirit to our Unity community, to look at the world and our purpose in […Continue reading…]

Resurrection Time!

Today, Easter, is the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from sense consciousness to spiritual consciousness.  Jesus is our Way Shower, helping us see and understand a new way of being.  We celebrate Easter by following Jesus into an uplifted consciousness in order to express life more abundantly.  This Easter week, we have attempted […Continue reading…]

Palm Sunday Communion Service

A Caring Spiritual Communigy

Why have people for centuries prayed and worshiped together?  Medical research now indicates that people who are religiously active are healthier and are happier than those who are not.

The Miracle of Mindfulness


Intro:  In Unity, Meditation and prayer are tools of spiritual practices for accessing the comforting, healing, inspirational presence of our Higher Power/God.  In Unity Affirmative Prayer is practiced as Jesus taught, but there are countless methods of meditation and Unity is open to those practices that work best for the individual.  What I’m discovering is […Continue reading…]