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Inspirational Images from our Congregation


We honor the Sacred in all Life and in all of life’s experiences. Nature’s Beauty, Loving Friends or Family Interacting, Sacred Travels, Holy Moments Working, Loving Laughter Shared, fresh Artistic Creations can all provide inspiration. This page is composed of Seasonal Inspirational Images shared by our congregation. May the images uplift your spirit in some way today as we each seek spiritual expression and validation in our everyday lives.

January’s Theme: “Welcoming Grace” “Grace is the upward pull of the Universe,  lifting me to the heights of my Divine Nature.”

The Grace of Color on a snow-white hike.
The Grace of Hope in a Celtic Cross

February: “Living Love”   “I am a living, loving expression of God, right here and now.”

Love Light Hearts
Loves’s Promise of Spring
Love’s Hands
Love’s Purrrrrrrr