May 6 – Rev Jan Mahannah¬† “Perils of Good Intentions”

May 13 – Rev Jan Mahannah

May 20 – Lisa Kinney

May 27 – Lisa Kinney

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  • Dianne Dickerson

    Thanks Rev. Jan for your message on Sunday May 6: The nine Unconscious Mistakes of Nice People AND how to avoid them (mistakes :))From the book GOOD INTENTIONS by Duke Robinson……wow! I felt the sermon lesson was just for me! Thanks for the handout so I can take it home and digest it too! I was able to resist being “perfect” when my Dad, who is in a nursing home, told me I tear the toilet paper incorrectly. maybe I should have told him tearing the toilet paper is an inherited trait:) Thanks again for the sermon and handout and the end admonition that I can stand up for myself and still be a nice person….regardless of how I tear toilet paper!

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