A New Heven and a New Earth – Epoch III, “Sacred Eyes”

This is the fourth Sunday of a 4-part series based on spiritual understanding from the book, Sacred Eyes by L. Robert Keck.  Keck suggests that our global crises and the breakdowns in our lives and on our planet are indications of an evolutionary break-through towards a collective spiritual maturation. The global crises that we are observing and the personal crises that we may be experiencing periodically are transitional times of opportunity. Crises are natural happenings and act as catalysts to our spiritual and personal awareness and our soul growth.  The Chinese word for crisis is made up of two symbols – one meaning danger and the other meaning opportunity.  In the context of crisis – a dangerous opportunity, two questions this morning are:  1. What are MY possibilities as a human being related to Spirit?  2. What is my highest vision of possibility now…for myself and for my world?

Meditation: Imagine an entire universe participating in meaning and purpose, heaven-bent on creating and fulfilling a whole, healthy and holy life right here now.  Imagine the many wonderful and complex ways in which the universe conspired to enable us to arrive at this point in evolution.  Imagine the Earth, Gaia giving birth and growing a humanity which has come to this special role in the whole of life.  Imagine humanity evolving through our physical development as in Epoch I; then the ego and mental development of evolution through adolescence as in Epoch II. And Imagine us now ready to get out body/mind/spirit act together with a mature spiritual growth-spurt in evolution into full adult participation and responsibility as in Epoch III.  Imagine yourself as one neuron in the planetary mind, sending images of health and wholeness enlarging your definition of self to include ALL of life.  And imagine each of us, with sacred eyes, seeing into our spiritual and physical DNA so clearly that we re-member our true spiritual human nature.

Solo:  To God Be The Glory

 Scripture:  Revelation 21:1-6 “Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more.  And I saw the holy city, the New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.  And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, ‘See, the home of God is among mortals.  He will dwell with them as their God and they will be his peoples, and God himself will be with them; he will wipe every tear from their eyes; death will be no more; mourning and crying and pain will be no more, for the first things have passed away.  And the one who was seated on the throne said, ‘See I AM making ALL things new.”

 This is a description of the new heaven and the new earth as predicted by the Old Testament prophet Isaiah when ALL creation will be renewed, freed from imperfections, and transformed by the glory of God.  The sea is no more – the sea is a symbol of emotional turbulence and unrest.  The New Jerusalem prepared as a bride suggests that all is beautiful and lovely.  Here we are to have new spiritual ideals that manifest right here and right now on earth, on the material plane.

Metaphysically, heaven is a state of consciousness in which the soul and the body are in harmony with Divine Mind . Heaven is no longer removed – Heaven is within.  The throne represents that centered place of inner knowing that issues the laws of our persona life – the beliefs we live by.  Here the voice from the throne says that God now dwells among the people, among us.  It is this holy presence that we are, our divine Self, the divine presence within us, that will comfort our tears and eliminate death and pain.  It is this holy presence, the name of God with us, the great I AM that is making all things new.  “See, I AM making all things new”.  The I AM presence is our evolutionary next step in being.

I shared this quote from Father Teilard de Chardin, the Jesuit priest and paleontologist from his classic book “The Phenomenon of Man”: “Humanity has just entered what is probably the greatest transformation it has ever known.  Something is happening in the structure of human consciousness.  It is another species of life that is just beginning.

 “Under the combined pressure of science and philosophy, we are being forced experientially and intellectually to accept the world as a coordinate system of activity which is gradually rising up toward freedom and consciousness.”

 John Platt, Professor of physics and research biophysics says:Our recent era of change may be converging within this generation to a unique historical transformation to a totally new kind of life.”

Charles Reich, Professor of Law writes:  “There is a revolution coming.  It will not be like revolutions of the past.  It will originate with the individual and with culture.  It will not require violence to succeed and it cannot be successfully resisted by violence.  It promises a higher reason, a more humane community, and a new and liberated individual.  Its ultimate creation will be a new and enduring wholeness and beauty – a renewed relationship of humankind to itself, to others, to society, to Nature and to the land.”

 God is Infinite with infinite creativity and an unlimited potential of energy and ideas.  We are expressions of Creator God, connected to Divine Mind and as such we are becoming able to demonstrate infinite creativity and unlimited potential of energy and ideas.  Heaven – the state of unlimited potential is within us; within our growing, evolving consciousness.  Jesus demonstrated that with God nothing is impossible for God is with us, expressing through and as us.  We are evolving into a New Race with Jesus as a Wayshower of higher consciousness. Intentional work can accelerate our evolution in consciousness.

What intentional work can we do that will accelerate our evolutions in consciousness? We start with where we are as human beings by examining our emotions, thoughts and beliefs.

1. If we are being dominated by any emotion or habit, we start by looking behind the appearance to its cause. Then through the recognition of our higher self, we resolve the domination of that emotion or habit that is controlling our responses. Then we move on to the next belief, emotion or habit that is limiting us, until one-by-one we have erased any illusion of having a life apart from the God of our own infinite being.

2.We don’t ignore our feelings, but we look at them in order to see if they are signals revealing freedom and expanded awareness or bondage and limitation. If the feelings reveal bondage, we turn on the light of our own higher self and behold our own divine light bringing forth freedom.  Again and again we ask ourself:  What am I feeling in this moment?  What belief does it reflect?  Is this belief true?  Then mentally bring in the light of God to reveal the Truth.

3.In our relationships we may ask ourselves these three questions:

*Is what I am bringing to the relationship empowering the other person to be their best, most positive, loving, creative self??

*Is the relationship empowering me to be my best, most positive, loving, creative self?

*Do I have the courage to change myself in order to rightfully empower the other and/or to change the relationship so that I am empowered by it as well?

4.We discover ways to be “user-friendly” with change.  The Universal metaphor of a hero’s journey that moves us from separation or departure, to discovery of empowerment, to a return to serve – is a helpful pattern for adjusting to the personal and global changes we face.  Some intentional practices that honor that hero’s journey of evolution in consciousness are:


*Meditation. In just 10 or 20 minutes daily we can learn to separate from the superficial world of frantic brain activity and nitty-gritty daily chores to gain a new level of empowerment, and then to return to a life of greater satisfaction and meaningful living.  Each meditative experience may seem to make only a small gain in expanded awareness, but the accumulation of such experiences can have a powerful life-enhancing effect.  Incredible divine power is available from our depths when we intentionally separate ourselves mentally from our ordinary superficial daily routines.  Simply stilling our bodies to focus our minds on “I AM” for a brief period of time can reconnect us to divine mind.

*Retreats.  An intentional time off for a day, a weekend, or a longer period of time can ready us to receive new insights or restore our sense of balance and direction.  Whether with like-minds as in a men or women’s retreat , or on your own being in nature, its helpful to rediscover our connection with all of life and to be strengthened by group focus or Nature’s elements of earth, sky, hills or mountains, prairie or sea.

*Major Life Reconstruction.  Sometimes it is a spiritual necessity to redirect our lives.  It may be a sudden realization that what you are doing career-wise no longer satisfies, and in fact may be detrimental to your health.  It may be a relationship that ends with death or moving away or that no longer works in a positive way that requires us to make a dramatic shift.  It may be a particular style of living and relating that doesn’t work anymore.  Whatever it is, with sacred eyes we may see our way into a new and different future.  If your soul’s purpose calls for a radical transformation, you cannot afford to ignore the call.  Reconstruction takes time and involves recognizing countless emotions, but ultimately moving up in consciousness.

*Dreams.  Every night we separate from ordinary day-time consciousness to let the physical body rest.  The unconscious needs no rest and uses the night as an opportunity to provide us with a journey into profound subterranean powers.  Particularly creative people have long known that extraordinary solutions to life’s problems are available in our dreams.  Both Joel Goldsmith and Charles Fillmore received new inspiration in their dreamtime.  Television script writer Norman Lear found the unconscious through his dreamtime to be a terrific partner in his creative endeavors.  I’ve often found understanding to life’s challenges showing up in technicolor and crazy-seeming storylines that on reflection brought me solutions to perplexing situations.

*Intuition and Intellect.  Consciously noticing when my intuitive impressions are a hit opens my intellect to acceptance.  Acknowledging a correct hunch consciously releases my intellect’s resistance and whole brain learning is the result.

Keck advises that “If life has thrown you off your previous ground, the hero or heroine view is that it is the first step in another empowering journey even if you did not choose to take it in the first place.  When pushed or shoved, the heroic response is to fly into new power and land on new ground to live and to serve in a new or better way.”

 In conclusion, Keck has written that after years of intense questioning and observing the evolution of collective humankind and of his own evolution through personal pain, joy and growth, he has come to the following understanding:

“I eventually arrived at the realization that transcending all belief and doubt was the experience of LOVE as the essential core of the universe.  Before my physical body developed, LOVE was in the cellular structure of the Universe. My body was simply one manifestation of that loving energy. Before my mind could reason, LOVE was in my soul.  Before I WAS, LOVE brought Life and eventually me, into being.  There was something much deeper than my thought processes that knew LOVE was the most fundamental force in the universe.  Out of my depths came the one thing that I discovered could not be doubted – Divine LOVE.”

For all its challenges, disappointments, heartaches, atrocities, greed, inventions,  and better intentions, this IS a glorious time in which to be alive.  The power and synergy of LOVE WILL BE remaking heaven and earth, and we are living right in the midst of it.  Why don’t we decide to make the most of this opportunity?  In the words of Tennyson, “Come my friends – tis not too late to seek a newer world.”  And in the words of Revelation:  “See, I AM making all things new.”  Realizing the I Am presence is our next step in evolution.   Accepting the  divine love of God in expression as us, is necessary and divinely unlimited.  It is up to us to accept Love, understand more clearly what it truly is and how to use it now in every aspect of our living and to then experience transcending, evolving spiritual consciousness… for the JOY of it!  Yes!

Blessings, Rev. Jan Mahannah



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