Epoch II – Sacred Eyes of Science & Unity

Today we continue looking at the crisis our world faces from the perspective of Sacred Eyes.  Sacred Eyes describes a perspective and vision that sees our crisis as an evolutionary step toward a more spiritual maturity of collective humanity.  My focus is on how that evolution of consciousness relates to our individual spiritual paths and the personal crisis we may experience on it.  I have been using LO. Robert Keck’s book Sacred Eyes as supportive text.

Meditation:  Adaptation of the 23rd Psalm for healing:

The Lord is my health, I can’t be sick.  You make me to relax from all tension; you lead me into peace of mind and heart; you restore my zest for living.  You guide me into using my body wisely for your name’s sake.

“Yea though I am surrounded by disease or the thought of disease, I will have no fear, for You are with me.  Your Truth and Life sustain me.  You prepare a reserve within me to meet all life’s challenges; you charge my heart with healing life.  My energy is unbounded.  Surely health and joy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the consciousness of wholeness forever.”

Solo:  In The Bulb There is a Flower

Scripture:  Acts 17:24, 25,27,28  “The God who made the world and everything in it, being Lord of heaven and earth, does not live in shrines made by man, nor is he served by human hands, as though he needed anything, since he himself gives to all men life and breath and everything… Yet he is not far from each one of us, for ‘in him we live and move and have our being.’”

Last week we looked at the Sacred Eyes of Religion in this Epoch II, our adolescence and development of ego and mental development, the Epoch from which we are spiritual evolving beyond. The past 10,000 years of human evolution have been spent in our adolescent period where separation from one another, individuality, warrior values, material values and worship of the divine masculine have prevailed.  Today we examine the Sacred Eyes of Science in this Epoch II and how it relates to Unity teachings.

In the seventeenth century we switched the lens though which we viewed the world from religious to scientific.  We switched our worship from God and the Church to the scientific capacity in order to make sense of the world. Instead of projecting power onto a God far away in heaven, we projected power onto this worldly scientific knowledge, materialism and rationalism.

The immature masculinity of our adolescence as it was played out in science, removed us and separated us from Nature, the observer separated from the observed, and we were to be unemotionally objective.  We focused on matter rather than spirit, on earth rather than heaven, on physics rather than metaphysics and in so doing we rejected traditional religion.

Frances Bacon’s influence was the idea that not only were we separate from nature but nature (a feminine force) was there for humankind to torture until “she” revealed her secrets.  The modern experimental method – constraint of nature in the laboratory, dissection by hand and mind and the penetration of hidden secrets legitimated the exploitation and rape of Nature for only humans.

Rene Descarte and Issac Newton turned Nature into a machine.  The machine metaphor became the dominant way of thinking about nature and science – nature was devoid of spirit; the search was for absolute certainty; analysis and reductionism were most important; and the notion prevailed that everything is running down, as does a machine.  A machine is spirit-less and God was seen as a distant watch-maker who had set things in motion and then departed.

In the nineteenth century, process, movement, change and transformation were introduced into the scientific world-view.  Medical science took its basic sense of life from the machine metaphor and focused on deterioration and pathology.  Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, said that “in order to be scientific, psychoanalysts have to be incorrigible mechanics and materialists” which leaves no place for spirit.

The dramatic swing away from the unconscious mind that was prevalent during our collective childhood to the exclusive use of the conscious mind we now experience, did bring great advances in medicine, physics and mechanical inventions.  However, in the mid 19th century it also stimulated a spiritual awakening by many and a hunger for Truth.  There emerged a desire to apply scientific principles to healing and to religion and that is where “New Thought” emerged.

Dr. Phineas Parker Quimby, a clock-maker, inventor and eventually a clairvoyant, empathetic healer in New England discovered and began to teach the “Science of Correcting an Error” and the “Science of Wealth and Happiness”.  Quimby is often called “the father of New Thought”.

Some of Quimby’s patients also became his students and confidants.  Mary Baker Paterson who became Mary Baker Eddy founded Christian Science; Nona Brooks founded Divine Science; Ernest Holmes founded Religious Science and Emma Curtis Hopkins, who later taught Charles and Myrtle Filmore, co-founders of Unity, were influenced by his teachings.  Each of them expanded Quimby’s ideas through their own interactions with God-Mind and through the healings they personally experienced.

Unity began with the physical healing experience of Myrtle Fillmore.  She had been given only a few more months to live but at a lecture she heard the words:  “I am a child of God and therefore I do not inherit sickness.”  These words so affected her that she focused on them for the next two years while sitting alone daily and imagining that Jesus sat beside her, as she talked to the intelligence in the cells of her body, asking their forgiveness and seeing them whole and vibrant.  During those two years, her health slowly returned until she was completely healed and lived another 40 years.  Later Charles was also healed of physical ills and financial troubles.  This led them to study and research Truth that resulted in some amazing discoveries and some wonderful demonstrations of help, healing and prosperity.

Essentially Unity is not a new religion; not a new philosophy, or a new teaching.  Unity is purely and simply a technique in the demonstration and practice of Christian principles.  What Jesus taught and practiced was not a new set of spiritual principles.  He accomplished his great works and attained to the love of Christhood because of his consciousness of the ageless and universal truths he embodied.  Jesus’ teachings, which we call Christianity, is universal Truth presented in the form of dynamic techniques for understanding and demonstration from the power of consciousness of Oneness with Creator God.

We are evolving into a New Race with Jesus as wayshower and teacher of higher consciousness.  Intentional work can accelerate our evolution in consciousness.

What are some of these truth principles that we have applied to our spiritual quest that demonstrate our evolving spiritual consciousness?

 *Jesus taught that God is Spirit.  Unity interprets that as God as Infinite Mind, the principle of absolute good expressed in all creation; the principle of ultimate life and intelligence, is everywhere present at all times. 

 WE may affirm this truth for ourselves:  God’s will for me is absolute good.  I accept Gods good for me now wherever I am.

 *You are a child of God, an expression of God, a divine being, so there can be nothing of you that is not innately of God.  You were created as a perfect idea in God-Mind, and your purpose in life is to out-picture this in individualized expression.  It has been said that there is no better way to worship God than to rightly express God attributes.

Jesus did not come to take the place of God but rather to teach people how they might find God for themselves and within themselves, even as he had found God within.  In John 12:44 Jesus said:  “He who believes in me, believes not in me but in him who sent me.” “It is the Father within who doeth the work.” “I and the Father are one.”  Paraphrasing: “Whoever believes in God in themself, as I believe in God in me, will do the works that I have done and even greater… for it is the spirit of God within that does the works.”

WE may affirm this truth for ourself:  “I am a child of God, a divine being.  I work without strain, walk without hurry, and live without tension for I am in tune and in harmony with the Infinite.”

 *Christ is the perfect idea of God for us.  Jesus is the perfect expression of the divine idea in human form.  Jesus Christ is a union of the two – the divine idea and the living expression…perfect humanity demonstrated.

WE can affirm for ourselves:  “The Divine mind that was in Christ Jesus is in me. I am competent, capable and compassionate for every undertaking I choose.”

 *Your thoughts are the tools with which you carve your life story on the substance of the universe.  When you rule your mind, you rule your world.  When you choose your thoughts and the emotional response to those thoughts, you choose results, for your life is what you think, feel and ultimately express.

WE may affirm for ourselves:  “I choose my thoughts and feelings with care, for wherever my attention goes, there goes my energy.”

 Unity may be the most difficult religious discipline in the world – simply because you are face-to-face with God and yourself.  There is no intermediary between God and you but your own mind.  There is no way into the kingdom of healthy, happy and prosperous living except through your own disciplined effort.  God can do no more for you than God can do through you with the responsibility upon you of disciplining your thinking.

*The keynote of Unity teachings is that all of us contain an individual portion of the original creative force of the universe and by conscious direction of will we can open ourselves to and receive its spiritual, creative power.  This is the evolution of our consciousness: from believing power is to be used over someone or something else to understanding its true meaning of inherent spiritual power for good.

WE may affirm for ourselves:  God is my resource, my steady, eternal resource and the innate spiritual creative power within me.  The Spirit in me is the Spirit of God and I feel equal to every situation now in this time of change.

 Father Teilhard de Charding, Jesuit priest and paleontologist has written in his classic book The Phenomenon of Man:  “Humanity has just entered what is probably the greatest transformation it has ever known.  Something is happening in the structure of human consciousness.  It is another species of life that is just beginning…  Under the combined pressure of science and philosophy, we are being forced experientially and intellectually, to accept the world as a coordinated system of activity which is gradually rising up toward freedom and consciousness – upward in progressive evolution NOT downward as in a machine running down.”

 Blessing this week on your continual evolutiona of spiritual consciousness, personally experienced and expressed.

Rev. Jan

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