Resurrection Time!

Today, Easter, is the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from sense consciousness to spiritual consciousness.  Jesus is our Way Shower, helping us see and understand a new way of being.  We celebrate Easter by following Jesus into an uplifted consciousness in order to express life more abundantly.  This Easter week, we have attempted to cross out old ways of thinking.  Now we accept ourselves truly as expressions of God – Sons and Daughters of the Divine.

As we live anew, we give glory to that which we are.  As we go forth and keep our focus on the Christ within us, we triumph over every trial because we are no longer locked in a world of limitation; we are resurrected to new life.  It is a life filled with the light and power of God.

Scripture:  “After the Sabbath, as the first day of the week was dawning, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to see the tomb.  And suddenly there was a great earthquake; for an angel of the Lord, descending from heaven came and rolled back the stone and sat on it.  His appearance was like lightning, and his clothing white as snow.  For fear of him the guards shook and became like dead men. But the angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid; I know that you are looking for Jesus who was crucified.  He is not here; for he has been raised, as he said.  Come, see the place where he lay.  Then go quickly and tell his disciples.  ‘He has been raised from the dead and indeed he is going ahead of you to Galilee; there you will see him.’ This is my message for you’. 

So they (the women) left the tomb quickly with fear and great joy and ran to tell his disciples.  Suddenly Jesus met them (the women) and said, ‘Greetings!’  And they came to him and took hold of his feet and worshiped him.  Then Jesus said to them, “Do not be afraid; go and tell my brothers to go to Galilee; there they will see me.”

Meditation:  That same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is in you lifting you into new life, new light, new hope and new love. Resurrect us now, Oh Lord, with the activity of your powerful, sweet holy spirit!”

Duet:  “Breathe on Me Holy Spirit”  Jill & Hannah

Reading from “Jesus, Son of Man” by Kahlil Gibran:  “The sister of my father had left us in her youth to dwell in a hut beside her father’s ancient vineyard.  She was a healer and a seeress.  One day my father said to me, “Take these loaves of bread and this jug of wine and this basket of raisins to my sister.”  I did and she was glad.  Now as we sat together in the cool of the day, a man came by upon the road, and he greeted us saying:  “Good-even to you and the blessings of the night be upon you.”

“Then she rose up and she stood as in awe before him and said “Good-eve to you, master of all good spirits and conqueror of all evil spirits.”  The man looked at her with tender eyes, and then he passed on by.  But I laughed in my heart for I thought my father’s sister was mad.  But now I know that she was not mad – it was I who did not understand.  And she spoke, but not in anger to me.

“She said, “Listen my daughter and keep my word in remembrance; the man who but now passed by, like the shadow of a bird flying between the sun and the earth, shall prevail against the Caesars and the empire of the Caesars, and he shall overcome them; and he shall rule the world.  But this land that now He walks shall come to naught; and Jerusalem, which sits proudly upon the hill, shall drift away in smoke upon the wind.”

 “I became quiet and said, “Who is this man and of what country and tribe does He come?  And how shall he conquer the great kings and the empires?  And she answered, “He is one born here in this land but we have conceived him in our longing from the beginning of years.  He is of all tribes and yet of none.  He shall conquer by the word of his mouth and by the flame of his spirit.”

 “Then she rose and said, “He shall be slain and he shall be laid in silence beside the tongue-less heart of the earth.  And the maidens of Judea shall weep for Him…but He shall be slain only in the body.  In the spirit, he shall rise and go forth leading from this land in the East where the sun is born, to the land in the west where the sun is slain at eventide.  And his name shall be first among men.”

 “She was an aged seeress when she said these things, and I was but a girl but all that she beheld in the mirror of her mind has come to pass even in my day.  Jesus of Nazareth rose from the dead and led men and women into the people of the sunset.”

I believe Jesus’ purpose in submitting to the crucifixion was to demonstrate the resurrection, for all to know that in the fullness of time, they could do it also…that we could do it too.  Perhaps not in flesh at this time in our evolution, but to rise up in consciousness from those places in our lives where we feel persecuted, discouraged, stuck, defeated, dead. 

 There is so much to be resurrected from!  To be resurrected from poverty to plenty… from discord to harmonious relationships… from drudgery to right place work… from illness or injury to wholeness and healing… from discouragement to new inspiration… from sadness to a renewed sense of joyous adventure in living… to be resurrected from being self-absorbed to an awakening of generosity of spirit.

Are you ready for a resurrection experience this Easter morning?  I pray you are!  Are you ready to self-transform, not just for the sake of your personal reward (though that is the beginning) but also for the sake of all humanity, that everyone may have the same opportunity for soulful fulfillment and delightful co-creation of a new world, as you?  Your purpose in surrendering to self-transformation is to demonstrate that you can do it; and that anyone who chooses can do it too.

Abraham Maslow has written in his text “Toward A Psychology of Being”Once our deficiency needs are met, our growth needs for a richer sense of beingness becomes imperative.  The human being is so constituted that we are driven to actualize our potential beyond maintaining material survival or comfort.  Our divine discontent drives us toward the next level of growth.”

 Teilhard de Chardin wrote in his ground breaking book  “Phenomenon of Man”:  “We are approaching a time when the whole world will link up in one interfeeling organism.” Teihard called this advent “Omega”, the “Christification of the Earth.”

R. Buckminster Fuller in “Utopia or Oblivion” wrote:  “The human mind is designed to know the design of nature.  The universe is not going down to increased disorder; it is instead building up toward ever higher order, because it is increasing in intelligence through us!  Intelligence is not physical, it is metaphysical.”

 As each person has a higher, wiser self, so does the human species as a whole.  This is what Jesus came to Earth to reveal…this is the revelation of Truth he came to demonstrate and to teach.  Innately you have the powers of Christ, Now.  As he taught, you can do what he did and even more shall you do. Can you take this promise seriously?  As you align your will with God’s will for good, loving the Creator above all else and your neighbor as yourself, you will become free to live fully.  All of you who are desirous and ready are the Way…to be a beacon of light unto yourselves and a beacon of light to your loved ones, family, friends and ultimately, society.  Our desire and love of union with the divine, is the key.  Unconditional Love is a necessity.  Recognition of this at a soul level opens the way for Being.

Barbara Marx Hubbard has written:  Now is the season for the flowering of Christ-like humans.  Those of you who are hearing an inner voice and following its guidance – listen constantly beginning right now.  The way is within each of us.  Listen, listen, listen.  God’s guidance is here for all to hear right now.  All those of you who believe in your potential, listen now.”

Jesus in the resurrection experience represented an extraordinary moment of lift in consciousness from Earthbound consciousness to Universal consciousness.  To do as he did, we must BE as he is.

What does a human being have to manifest in order to express as a Son or Daughter of God, personifying God in our everyday lives?  As Jesus demonstrated, we must express:

*LOVE.  We reject fear, anger, hostility, and guilt.  We nurture the potential godlike human within us as we would our own beloved children.  And we seek to express kindness, compassion,  and love in all our dealings.

*WISDOM.  As we love our divine potential, we become wise in all things.  Wisdom is vision-in-action.  To be wise now, we see beyond the material world.  We take the evolutionary perspective and see the world in the process of transformation according to a Divine Pattern of ongoing Creation.

*FAITH.  In the midst of the material world, we constantly have faith in the reality of things unseen as well.  We see with a double vision – the physical, material world and the underlying God energy of creation beneath it.  We reject the limited evidence of the senses and see reality as a continuous act of creation…from unseen to seen to unseen again.  We have faith that we are conscious participants in the creation, designed by Creator to take a vital role in co-evolving a future in which all who so choose shall become godlike universal beings, joint-heirs with Christ as members of a Universal community.

*COURAGE.  Love, Wisdom and Faith lay the foundations for courage. Courage means heart-motivated action.  We recognize that are not alone; we are beloved by God.  We can call on the power and clarity of God to aid us in our struggles – to activate our courage for living fully.  We are not struggling for ourselves alone; we are carving out pathways of higher consciousness for all humankind as Jesus did before us.

*PATIENCE.  Timing is in the hands of God who tends the transformation of each of us like a good gardener.  When we trust in divine timing while doing that which we are guided to do in the moment, we will be comfortable with patience.

*POWER.  Love is to be embodied in Power for Good.  We learn to be powerful with love.  We can transform any situation by presenting in total clarity and absolute fearlessness, our vison of hope in the potential of each person to be empowered by God.  We are to gain power by empowering ourselves – by refusing to indulge in victim-consciousness and then by empowering others to be their true selves. It is not power-over- another but rather spiritual-power that enlivens us. We are to use our spiritual power for good by demonstrating the reality of our potential to be like Christ.  This demonstration is irresistible!.. And contagious!…  And transforming!…  And fulfilling!

*SURRENDER.  Not my will, but thine be done is our prayer.  Pride can sabotage  us as we transform.  Our daily gratitude for our existence will shine through, turning pride to praise and kind humility, with the knowing that we have ALL been created in the spiritual image of God.

Remember that the saints and seers through the centuries have taught the same lessons as Jesus – to love God above all else and your neighbor as yourself.  Jesus added another essential awareness; that each individual has a personal responsibility and a personal future in a transformed life for continuing the good work of the Creator, co-creating and evolving Creation, until ALL creatures embody and express the spiritual image of God.

With the resurrection experience, Jesus broke the wheel of birth, death and rebirth.  Jesus’ empowerment in turn empowers all evolving beings.  In our hearts we all desire the transformation of the human race…and it all begins with you and me…each of us awakening to a greater reality…each of resurrecting to a higher level of consciousness and being.

Charles Fillmore.  “The resurrection experience is a restoring of mind and body to their original undying state.  It takes place in us every time we rise to the perpetual indwelling life that connects us with the Creator.”

Eric Butterworth.  “Easter at its best is not a backward glance to the cross, the tomb and the resurrection.  It is a forward look to the quality of life it forecasts for all persons.  Easter is not the story of God playing man, but of man at his best demonstration of the God-potential in all humankind.

Our Easter Flower Cross symbolizes the ever transforming – ever resurrecting power of the Holy Spirit of God…the Christ flowering of humankind.  Please come forward, row by row to choose your flower blessing, as I sing…

Solo:  The Holy City

Closing:  That same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is in you resurrecting you into new life, new light, new compassion and new love.  “Christ is risen – Christ is risen indeed.”  Amen

Trusting in the power and presence of Jesus the Christ showing you the way, may you experience a true resurrection experience this week.  Rev. Jan

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